Why WellDirect?

WellDirect is a fully-featured geosteering package designed to make your life as a geologist simpler, not more complex. WellDirect is all about making geosteering easier.


The various features and capabilities of WellDirect are accessible through the logically-organized menu system, as well as through right-click context menus.  There is no need for lots of buttons with ambiguous meaning.  Organizing the software in this way eliminates most of the confusion that comes from using a new program, and makes the switch to using WellDirect a painless experience.  You will find that WellDirect is designed to be used, not studied.


Easy Interpretation

When data need to be displayed to the geologist (such as interpreted dip, fault offset, survey parameters, etc), they are shown in the status bar at the bottom of the screen.  All of your data in the interpretation views can be interrogated by simply moving your mouse over them (and the software will display those values in the status bar), and interpretation is accomplished entirely through the use of click-and-drag operations.


Quick Reporting

At the end of the day, sharing your interpretation with the rest of your team is as simple as pressing a button in the menu. You can save your report as an image file, directly to a PDF, or just copy it to the system’s clipboard for pasting into PowerPoint. The resulting report captures both your curve-matching interpretation, and what that means in context of the borehole position.



Fully Featured

The main features of WellDirect include:

  • Easy to use tools for data import and export
  • Spreadsheet windows for data editing
  • Intuitive main window for interpretation of dip and faults
  • Simple and powerful map window
  • One-click report generation tools
  • Fully customizable options for both the main data views, and report generation
  • Ability to display multiple curves in your interpretation views
  • Ready for tablet/touchscreen use
  • Many more features that you would expect in much more costly software

Collaborative Geosteering


WellDirect is also available in a collaborative framework. That basically means that all data loading and Q/C is handled by the main geosteerer. Everyone else simply updates their interpretation (if they choose), or just checks on the Well from time to time. You can check on your Well any time you want, instead of having to wait for the steering report to be sent out – the latest data and interpretations are always available.

Collaborative Geosteering allows everyone involved with a Well to easily keep up with the latest drilling results – that includes management, engineers, and even partners on a well. There is no added expense or effort needed for this collaboration. The main geosteering team simply does the same work they’ve always done, and everyone else gets to ride along for free.

The key points about Collaborative Geosteering are:

  • Lets everyone access the same data as soon as they are available
  • Provides seamless sharing of interpretations
  • Involves no added contracts or expenses for the oil company – licensing is typically handled by the service company
  • Allows all members of the team (even management and engineers) to closely follow the well, rather than rely on static daily reports
  • Each member chooses their own level of involvement – from interested observer to active participant
  • Available for both Windows, and mobile phones / tablets


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